Frequently Asked Questions about Chuck

What is Chuck?

Chuck is the fast, fun, and efficient way to process your inbound email on the go. Install the Chuck iOS app, connect Chuck to your email and then Delete, Archive and Move messages by the hundreds, or thousands. You can also star, unstar, and perform several other operations on any message or messages in your inbox.

What does Chuck cost?

Chuck is free.

Can I use Chuck with Apple iCloud email?

You can use Chuck with any,, or email address provided by Apple. However, Apple requires the use of app-specific passwords. To learn more about app-specific passwords with Chuck, go here. Once you have created a password for Chuck, just enter it when you add your iCloud account. You may use any of the supported iCloud domain names (,, when you enter your username.

Can I use Chuck with a generic IMAP account?

Soon. Chuck supports IMAP, but only with specific service providers. This allows us to offer a high-quality user experience. We expect to add support for most generic IMAP-based accounts in June 2017.

Is Chuck dependent on Mailstrom?

No. Chuck and Mailstrom (Chuck's sibling at 410 Labs) are totally independent from each other, but you can easily use both tools. Chuck can process up to 5,000 messages at once, while Mailstrom can handle millions at a time.

How does Chuck compare to Mailstrom?

The key difference is that Chuck is an iOS app that does everything directly on the device, with no web site acting as an intermediary. So Chuck is faster, uses gestures very efficiently and has a different experience. Mailstrom was not designed for use on mobile devices. On the other hand, iOS devices simply do not have all the capacity that the web service has, so for people with massive inboxes, the web service can load their entire inbox, whereas Chuck can only load the most recent several thousand messages at a time. Also, Mailstrom and Chuck have different features; Mailstrom allows for creating rules and blocking, while Chuck works with Read/Unread and Stars. In short, the two products are a nice complement.

How does Chuck interact with my email?

When you connect your email to Chuck, Chuck downloads certain information about your recent email messages including the subject line and other metadata (sender, date, subject, etc.). You can also use Chuck to read individual email messages.

When you take actions with Chuck (such as deleting or moving messages to a different folder) Chuck instructs your email service to carry out those actions. You can usually see those changes reflected in your connected email service within seconds.